Author = Rajabipour, Ali
Processing the Hyperspectral Images for Detecting Infection of Pistachio Kernel by R5 and KK11 Isolates of Aspergillus flavus Fungus

Volume 52, Issue 1, May 2021, Pages 13-25


Kamran Kheiralipour; Hojjat Ahmadi; Ali Rajabipour; Shahin Rafiee; Mohammad Javan Nikkhah; Jayas Digvir; Kaliramesh Siliveru; Ali Malihipour

Effect of Ultrasound on Drying Kinetics of Rough Rice at Tempering Duration in an Infrared- Hot Air Combined Dryer

Volume 50, Issue 4, January 2020, Pages 977-989


Faramarz Noe-Khodabadi; ALi Rajabipour; Mahmoud Omid; Dariush Zare

Acoustic Annoyance Modelling in Backhoe Loader Based on Sound Qualitative Metrics

Volume 49, Issue 3, November 2018, Pages 437-445


ABBAS KHANMOHAMMADI; Ali Rajabipour; Majid LASHGARI; Hossein Mobli