Author = Ghobadian, Barat
An Analysis and Evaluation of Vibrations of Power Tiller in the Stationary Conditions

Volume 41, Issue 1, September 2010

A. Taghizadeh; T. Tavakoli; B. ghobadian

Optimizing Effective Parameters in Biodiesel Fuel Production Using Trans-estrification Method

Volume 41, Issue 1, September 2010

H. Bagherpoor; B. Ghobadian; T. Tavakoli hashjin; Abbas Mohammadi; M. Feizolanejad; A. Zenoozi

An Investigation of the Parameters Affecting Biodiesel Fuel Waterwashing

Volume 40, Issue 2, March 2010

Mahdi Feizollah nejad; Barat Ghobadian; Teimoor Tavakoli hashjin; Hosein Bagherpoor; Ali Zenoozi

An Inspection of the Possibility of Mechanized Urea Treatment of Cereal Straw through a Study of the Rewetting Process of Wheat Straw

Volume 39, Issue 1, March 2009

mohammad Younesi Alamooti; Mohammad Hadi Khoshtaghaza; Barat Ghobadian