Author = Maghsoudi, Hossein
The effect of atmospheric cold plasma processing on microbial and organoleptic properties of Mazafati dates

Volume 53, Issue 4, February 2023, Pages 327-340


Mohammad-Sadegh Amir-Mojahedi; Hossein Maghsoudi; Mohammad Balvardi; Alireza Ganjovi; Majid Taraz

Design and Development of a Portable Sprayer launched on Tree Crown

Volume 48, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 353-360


Moazzameh Mohseni mahani; Mohsen Shamsi; Hossein Maghsoudi

Performance Investigation of a Heat Recovery Assisted Solar Dryer for Mint Drying

Volume 46, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 379-388


Milad Hedayat; Hamid Mortezapour; Hossein Maghsoudi; Mohsen Shamsi