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The effect of atmospheric cold plasma processing on microbial and organoleptic properties of Mazafati dates

Volume 53, Issue 4, February 2023, Pages 327-340


Mohammad-Sadegh Amir-Mojahedi; Hossein Maghsoudi; Mohammad Balvardi; Alireza Ganjovi; Majid Taraz

Experimental and Numerical Study of Gas Flow in Cylindrical Bin Containing Granular Porous Material with Two Common Duct Inlet Arrangements (H, F)

Volume 51, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 89-97


Kamran Maleki Majd; Dariush Zare; Emdad Homayoun; SAYED MEHDI NASIRI; Gholamreza Karimi; KHOSROW JAFARPUR

Investigation on the Separation of Wheat Bulk Impurities with Gravity Separator Table

Volume 51, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 161-170


Saeed AgaAzizi; Mansour Rasekh; Yousef Abbaspour Gilandeh; Mohamadhosein Kianmehr

Evaluation of a Machine Olfaction to Classify the Quality of Dried Date Fruit by Electrohydrodynamic, Hot Air, and the Hybrid Drying Techniques

Volume 50, Issue 1, April 2019, Pages 241-251


Mahdi Keramat-Jahromi; Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi; Hossein Mousazadeh; Mahdi Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti; shahin rafiee; Ehsan Savand-Roumi

Technical feasibility of using infrared radiation in dry-peeling for hazelnuts

Volume 49, Issue 2, July 2018, Pages 261-268


Ali Mashallah kermani; Shahriar Kouravand; Jalal Eskandari

Discussion of Influence of parboiling in milling rice yield and head rice yield

Volume 48, Issue 2, July 2017, Pages 299-304


Davoud Ghanbarian; mashaallah valaei; Mahdi Ghasemi Varnamkhasti; hmidreza aghagoolzade

Effects of moisture content, loading rate and grain size on some mechanical properties of barley seed

Volume 47, Issue 3, November 2016, Pages 485-491


Azin Zand Miralvand; Mansour Rasekh; Ezzatollah Askari Asli Ardeh

An electronic tongue design for the detection of adulteration in saffron samples

Volume 46, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 405-413


Kobra Heidarbeigi; Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi; Shahin Rafiee; Mahdi Ghasemi-Varnamkhasti; Karamatollah Rezaei; Maria Luz Rodriguez-Mendez