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Investigating meat and oil quality in chicken nuggets using electronic nose and image processing techniques

Volume 54, Issue 2, November 2023, Pages 1-14


Hafez Ozgoli; Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi; Soleiman Hosseinpour; Mohammad Hosseinpour-Zarnaq

Application of Electronics Nose to Monitor and Extract the Predictive Modeling for Lab-Scale Biogas Digester Conditions

Volume 50, Issue 4, January 2020, Pages 811-821


Ehsan Savand-Roumi; Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi; shahin rafiee; Hossein Ghanavati

Classification of different floral origin honey samples using a machine olfaction system

Volume 47, Issue 3, November 2016, Pages 415-423


Mohammad Hajinezhad; Mahdi Ghasemi-varnamkhasti; Morteza Aghbashlo