Design and Development of an Optoelectronic Sorting System as Based on Fruit Color



The objective of this research was to develop a suitable method for color sorting of fruits. Accordingly, a color-sorting system was designed and a prototype developed and then tested. This system includes an optic head which is designed to develop a reflection of the fruit. Output of the head is then processed in an electronic control system which generates the appropriate signal for ejection or admittance of the fruit in accordance with its color. This is accomplished by sending the signal to an electrical ejector mechanism that effects the sorting operation. Tests were conducted to check the system's performance and to study the effect of some such parameters as type of fruit and ambient light intensity on accuracy of the system. Results indicated that main and interaction effects of these parameters on accuracy, are not significant. Hence, this system is suitable for sorting of fruits, with its performance not being affected by either fruit type or ambient light intensity.