Determination of Physical and Morphological Properties in Four Genotypes of Walnut



Physical characteristics of agricultural products are the most needed parameters in the design of grading, handling, processing and packing systems. Among physical characteristics; dimensions, mass, volume, projected area as well as surface area are the important factors in sizing systems. For an assessment of morphological and physical characters in walnut, four genotypes of sizable kernels, lateral bearings as well as high yielding were selected. Among the studied genotypes no.570 with a nut weight of 12.46 g, 8.25 g kernel weight, 66.21 % kernel percentage, the least length and a diameter of 34 mm was decided as the most favorite genotype. In the case of assessed physical properties the biggest diameter belonged to genotype no.570 (34 mm). The linear model embodying the minor diameter was finally found out as the best model with a high R2¬¬ for walnut mass modeling. Models based on minor, intermediate, and major diameters were as well proposed for modeling of walnut mass