Profile of Fatty Acids, Microstructure and Physico-Chemical Properties of Ultrafiltered Feta Cheese



Changes in the fatty acid (FA) composition of Iranian UF (Ultrafiltered)-Feta cheese during ripening (3, 20, 40 and 60 days) were studied. With an increase in the ripening period, due to the conversion of FA to secondary metabolites, the percentages of C4:0-C12:0 decreased significantly (P<0.05). However, the percentages of C14:0-C18:2 increased due to the accumulation of these fatty acids or decrease in the percentages of low- and medium-chain fatty acids. Scanning electron microscopy images indicated that with an increase in the ripening period, fat globules were also decomposed in a way that after 20 days of ripening, no fat globules remained in the cheese. Organoleptic evaluation indicated that ripening period did not affect the scores of appearance and piquant taste. After 20 days of ripening, scores for body and texture, flavour and total acceptability were found to be significantly higher than those for the 3 days of ripening treatment (P<0.05).