Physical and Aerodynamic Properties of Pinto Bean Grain as Affected by Moisture Content



A knowledge of Physical and aerodynamic properties of agricultural crops is important and essentially required for the design and development of a crop's harvesting and post-harvesting equipments. In the present research, experiments were conducted to determine physical and aerodynamic properties of Fars province pinto bean namely: Kernel size and shape (length, width, thickness, projected area, geometric mean diameter and sphericity), static frictional coefficient, terminal velocity, drag coefficient as well as Reynolds' number needed for an assessment of kernel fluidization in air streams. The effect of moisture content on fluidization was investigated at three moisture levels of 8, 12 and 16% (w.b.). The static coefficient of friction was found out by use of an inclined surface covered with glass, wood, galvanized iron sheet and plexiglass materials. Aerodynamic tests were carried out through fluidization method at three kernel size groups and in nine replications. All the measured and computed physical and aerodynamic characteristics were significantly affected by moisture content (P < 0.01). The surface material significantly affected the static frictional coefficient, the maximum of which (0.44) belonged to the galvanized iron surface. Results also indicated that for all surface materials, the static coefficient of friction increased linearly by increase in moisture content (R2 higher than 0.83). The mean values of terminal velocity, drag coefficient and Reynolds' number were recorded as 13.79 m/s, 0.739 and 8438.88, respectively.