The Effect of Different Juice Extraction Treatments on Some Qualitative Properties of Non-processed Jahromi Lime Juice



The effect of different juice extraction treatments on the qualitative properties of lime juice was investigated. Samples were selected from Jahromi lime variety and lime juice extracted by means of a screw type juice extraction device. The mechanical parameters of the helical juice extractor [screw velocity (270, 360 and 450 rpm), outlet pressure (minimum, medium vs. maximum)] and lime pretreatment parameters prior to juice extraction within five shapes (whole, half fruit, quarter, peeled vs. scraped lime) were taken as treatments. A factorial design was employed to find the effect of different treatments on some quality properties of the juice (limonin, physical stability, color, as well as peel oil content). The results indicated that rotation speed did not have any significant effect on brightness and on the amount of limonin. A lower level of peel oil content was resulted at a screw rotation speed of 360 rpm. The extents of oil (0.09%), limonin (8.33 ppm) and physical stability (79.76%) were lower for the case of peeled sample pretreatments. The higher brightness and less peel oil occurred at the medium pressure on residue while the highest physical stability was obtained when maximum pressure exerted on residue.