Partial Substitution of Gelatin with Persian Gum and Use of Olibanum in Production of Functional Pastille



The possibility of fractional replacement of gelatin in pastille with either soluble, fractions or whole Persian gum and the effects of olibanum gum addition on some sensory and physical properties of pastille were evaluated. Findings revealed that Persian gum either alone or along with high levels of sucrose could not result in gelation, whereas its insoluble part addition led to some gelation. Moreover, with increase in the proportion of Persian gum plus its soluble fraction, the mechanical properties of: modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, elongation at break, and the work needed up to break point decreased, while the samples containing only the insoluble fraction yielded charateristics similar to the ordinary and common pastille. In terms of sensory evaluation, no significant differences were observed (P> 0.05). With regard to olibanum gum addition, its presence in the formulations led to a significant improvement in mechanical properties. The results of sensory evaluation also indicated that the gelatin/olibanum containing pastilles were more desirable. The findings of this project clearly revealed the capabilities of olibanum powder and Persian gum as natural and organic ingredients in production of functional pastilles and as well the role of the latter in replacing of gelatin, by 40%.