Effect of Nano-Films to Prevent Moisture Loss Packaged Bulk Bread



A suitable option for manufacture of packing materials is the use of clay and silver nano particles. These materials help create optimal relative impermeable quality, in addition to other features being improved. Moisture-packed bread by use of these materials prevent water vapor loss and therefore reduce the level of bread becoming stale. In this study, seven types of nano-films with different percentages of silver and clay content were tested for the passage of water vapor quality. The level of permeability of the material was evaluated through a measurement of p packaged bread moisture content. At the end, the data were analyzed using software SPSS (Duncan test), and compared with control (with no nano particles inclusion). The results suggested a reduction of 3.1 to 4.9 times of water vapor permeability due to nano films' use. Packaged bread moisture increased about 14 to 25 percent and this in turn reduced bread staling between 40 to 60 percent. Nano-films, especially nano films including nano silver, proved to reduce permeablity moisture. The rate of bread staling was reduced significantly by being maintained at 0.01 level. From among the films, nano-silver film with 2 percent of silver (S2) was recognized as the most appropriate one.