A Field Evaluation of Hinging Pneumatic Punch Planter in Corn Planting



One method of seed placement into the soil as regards no-till system is the use of punch planting by which one can plant through a considerable depth of surface residue. The study was conducted using a 2?3 split-plot experimental design of three replications. The factors considered were two types of plantes (conventional planter vs. hinging pneumatic Punch Planter) and three levels of wheat residue (0, 30 and 60 %). Field study was conducted to compare the effects of type of planter and wheat residue on indices of corn planting. The analysis of the obtained data indicated that types of planter and different levels of wheat residue exert meaningful effects on miss, quality of feed and precision indices. Furthermore, results show that by augment of wheat residue, miss and precision indices are increased while the quality of feed index follows a descending trend. These factors do not exert any significant effects on multiple index. Also the results showed that different levels of wheat residue lay significant effects on emergence rate, shoot and root height, shoot and root dry weight, vigour Seed 1and 2 and as well on relative growth rate indices. The types of planter have significant effects on emergence rate; root height and on root dry weight. The most appropriate performance of a hinging pneumatic punch planter is finally recommended in a field that is under the coverage of 30% residue.