Effect of simulated transport vibration on the egg hatchability percentage

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professors, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Lorestan, Iran


Improper transportation of agricultural materials causes mechanical damage to them. The damage is
depended to the physical and mechanical properties of the product and properties of the applied
force. Vibration generated by vehicles during road transportation causes shake the product, contact
it with carrier bin and other components, tissues deformation and damage to product. This research
was conducted to evaluate the effects of vibration frequency and position in bin, on the eggs damage
during transportation. At first a laboratory vibrator, which simulates the road transportation under
laboratory conditions, was designed and used to obtain some factors influencing the damage during
eggs transportation. The damage was described as a difference of eggs hatchability percentage
between vibrated and control samples after the tests. Four vibration frequencies of 5, 7.5, 10 and
12.5 Hz and three positions in bin of bottom (40 cm), middle (80 cm) and top (120 cm) at constant
acceleration of 0.5 g and vibration duration of 10 mines were used. The results showed that,
vibration frequency and position in bin significantly influenced the percentage reduce in eggs
hatchability at the 1% probability level. Eggs hatchability was reduced as vibration frequency
increased. Vibration with frequencies higher than 5 Hz caused higher damage levels. Eggs located
at top position in bin significantly had higher damage than middle and bottom positions.


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