Effect of variety, time harvesting and fruit size on pomegranate mechanical properties

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Research assistant professor, Khorasan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center

2 MSc. Of Agricultural machinery Mashhad University.

3 Research assistant professor, Khorasan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center.


In this research, the effect of variety, harvesting time and fruit size were investigated on the mechanical properties of skin, density and mechanical strength. The results showed that pomegranate cultivars (Ardestani, Shisheh-Cap and Malas) had different skin thickness resulting difference in forces required for penetration of pomegranate fruit (10%). The skin of Shisheh-Cap variety was thicker than others. Mechanical strength of Shisheh-Cap and Ardestani varieties were 453 and 428 N respectively. The results revealed that Malas variety had the least strength against compression forces and it decreased (15%) with delay in harvesting of pomegranate fruit. It was shown that by increasing of fruit size, the density reduced (39%) and the mechanical strength increased (25%).


Main Subjects

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