The Effect of Subsoiling on Irrigated Wheat Yield in Different Distances from Open Drain

Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor of Agricultural Engineering Research Department, Fars Research Centre for Agriculture and Natural


The split-block experimental design with three replications was used to study the effect of subsoiling in different distances from drain axison soil salinity,and wheat yield. The measurements included soil cone index, soil bulkdensity, infiltration rate and electrical conductivity of saturated extract. Each treatment was composed of two factors. The main factors consisted of 3 different distances from drain axis including 50, 100 and 150 meters from drain axis; and the sub factors consisted of 3 cultivation methods as conventional plowing, subsoiling at soil depth of 40-45cm, and subsoiling at the soil depth of 40-45 cm + plowing. The results included that subsoiling decreased the value of soil cone index (about 25%), soil bulk density (about 4%), EC- saturated extract (about 25%), and the magnitude of other parameters such  as infiltration rate and wheat yield increased by 133% and 18%, respectively.


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