Effect of moisture content and frequency in dielectric properties of two paddy variety

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MSc. Student, Faculty of Crop Engineering, Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

2 Scientific member/Department of Mechanics of Biosystems Engineering, Faculty of Crop Engineering, Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources


Dielectric properties of agricultural products is one of the most important physical properties of Agricultural and food products and these properties are used heavily in developing as new technology for use in agriculture and related industries. Therefore, in this study investigated the changes in the dielectric properties of Pazhohesh and Ghaem varieties of paddy as a dielectric material four moisture content levels (13%, 16%, 19% and 22% dry basis) and frequency levels (100, 300, 500, 700 KHz) at a factorial design on a completely randomized design base; Results showed that there was no significant difference between investigated varieties in terms of dielectric properties. Also the Moisture content has significant and multiplier effect in all dielectric properties of paddy. It also increases the frequency of the input voltage leads to increased conductivity of paddy, but the reverse effect on the relative dielectric constant and loss factor. Also among interaction effects these factors, only the interaction of moisture and frequency, Has a significant influence on the relative dielectric constant and loss factor.


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