Effect of Microwave Heating Treatment on Mortality on Date Red Palm Weevi l (Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus) For In chemical Combat

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For fighting with blights and studying on effect of thickness, two experiments were done. The first series were included independent variable ages of blight in four levels (age1,age2,age3 and age4) and the thermal care temperature in four levels(10,15,20 and 30 seconds) and the dependent variable is death rate . The second series were included independent variables thermal care temperature in three levels (30, 60 and 100 seconds) and the thickness in three area (5, 10, 12 cm) and the dependent variable is death rate. The results showed that the most fatalities is pertaining to age 3 with 100 percent death and the least fatalities is pertaining to age1 and 4. The results showed that the death rate with thickness is reverse and with heating treatment time is direct.


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