Design, construction and performance simulation of a novel helical manure distributor machine

Document Type : Research Paper



Organic manure plays an important role in the improvement of soil structure by decreasing bulk density and increasing porosity. However, the method of manure spreading influences its beneficial impact on soil structure. In this study, a novel helical manure distributor machine capable of spreading manure with different moisture contents at maximum distribution width was developed and the machine performance was also modeled. The machine consisted of two screw conveyors that was located at the bottom of hopper. Manure distribution system included two drums in both sides of hopper. Manure was broadcasted on the field by centrifugal force that was applied by rotational motion of drums. Effect of drums speed and manure particle mass on distribution width were studied. Power requirement of augers were calculated in different rotational speeds of auger and three levels of internal friction of manure. In addition, power requirement of drums were computed in different rotational speed. The distribution width and volume of hopper was 14 m and 6 m3, respectively.The results showed that PTO power requirement increased by increasing rotational speed and internal friction of manure. The maximum PTO power requirement and drawbar power requirement of machine were determined to be 34.2 and 18.45 hp, respectively.


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