Feasibility of crop density estimation system by optical method

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In this study, the possibility of estimating wheat density was investigated by using a non-destructive method of output voltage of the light received by the photovoltaic cells. For the static tests, treatments and procedures, a system was designed and built. An experiment with different density on the wheat crop was carried out. The components of optical system clouding: photocells, LED lights and plates. To evaluate the effects of variables, randomized block design with factorial treatment arrangement was used. For optical method independent variables included number of stem per unit area (300, 350 and 400), plates distance (12, 21 and 30 cm), light intensity of LED lamps (274 Lux and 21.2 Lux) and testing time (afternoon and night). All experiments were performed in triplicate. The result showed that, testing time and light intensity had greater effect on the voltage value, so that the use of lamp with 274Lux and 30cm distance from photocell and testing time in afternoon had highest voltage. These results can be used to build a system on the harvest machine.


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