Analyzing the MF285 tractor engine vibrations caused by different combinations of biodiesel, bioethanol and diesel as fuel by Response Surface Method

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Razi university of kermanshah


In this study, the MF285 tractor engine vibrations resulting from the use of different combinations of biodiesel, bioethanol and diesel as fuel were studied. Engine vibrations in three directions and three engine speeds: 1000, 1600 rpm 2000 and ten fuel level was measured. To investigate the influence of measured parameters on engine vibration of factorial design in a randomized complete block design and response surface methodology were used. The results showed that vibration caused by the use of different combinations was less than of vibration caused by consumption of diesel fuel. The results showed that with increasing biodiesel fuel blends significantly reduce the vibration and the vibration increases with increasing engine speed. The vibration increased by increasing the bioethanol until 4% but then decreased. After optimization, the best fuel in terms of having the lowest vibration motor was B25E6D69.


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