Improvement of physicochemical, textural and sensory properties of layer cake as affected by replacement of egg yolk with commercial gel emulsifiers

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Professor of Food Technology, Department of Food Science, College of Agriculture, University of Tabriz

2 MSc Graduated, Department and Food Science, College of Agriculture, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran.


The objective of this study was to replace egg yolk with different industrial gel emulsifiers "emulgels" to improve different quality parameters of the layer cake and to control cake fat acidity. Batter density, cake volume, height and symmetry, moisture, fat acidity, cake instrumental and sensory firmness, staling and organoleptic properties were analyzed during two months of storage. Results indicated that batter physical properties, cake shape characteristics (volume, height and symmetry), textural and sensory properties of cakes with gel emulsifiers specially "emulgel Jilk" were significantly improved compared to those of other treatments. Moreover, formulations with emulgels and egg white had significantly lower fat acidity compared to those with egg yolk in their formulation. This study indicated that using gel emulsifiers instead of egg yolk in layer cake production leads to a product with improved quality properties and shelf life while removing the deficiencies attributed to egg yolk.


Main Subjects

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