Applying the Decision Support Software for evaluation of Tractor-Plow system matching and effect on energy consumption in plowing operation

Document Type : Research Paper



The aims of this study were about determining of amount of accuracy in tractor-moldboard plow system for tillage operation on paddies and also survey on efficacy of decision support software application on amount of energy use. For this purpose, decision support software was developed by visual basic 6.0. For survey in amount of efficacy of applying the decision support system on paddies tillage operation, amount of energy use in those paddies compare with other paddies. Results showed that 21.38% of energy use in tillage operation was slaking by using of decision support system for selection of tractor-moldboard plow systems. In other section of study, developed decision support system was applied for determining of amount of accuracy in tractor-moldboard plow system for tillage operation on paddies. For this purpose, properties of used tractor-moldboard systems on paddies collected from 40 samples. Decision support system showed that 65% of total samples had inappropriate tractor-moldboard plow systems. Also, 100% of them were inappropriate for paddies less than 3 hectares. In other hand, owning of tractor and moldboard plow was important and effective in appropriate matching of them. Developed decision support system is usable for aims of researching, learning and managing about agricultural machineries.


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