Creation of two-dimensional greenhouse environment map using stereo vision

Document Type : Research Paper



In this research for detection and separation cultivation platforms and flowerpots from each other, localization the corner of platforms and position of the flowerpots to form of two-dimensional point and creation two-dimensional map of greenhouse, used three-dimensional coordinates of environment components. Results obtained from this research, showed that the proposed algorithm can detect 100.26 m, on other hand, 94.05% of total length of platform. 83.33% of the corners of culture platforms with the average error of 0.09 meter and mean squared error of 0.009 meter were detected by the proposed algorithm. From the two-dimensional map of greenhouse was resulted that the proposed algorithm in this research has the detection capability and localization of 92.10% of the flowerpots with the average error of 0.07 meter and mean squared error of 0.006 meter.


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