Effect of aluminum foil and greaseproof paper packages on physico-chemical, textural, microbiological and sensory features of dry ice cream

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Dry ice cream is a traditional product of Iran which is similar to products such as khoa, danedar khoa, barfi, pedha, lal peda, brown peda and dulce de leche in the other countries. The aim of current study was evaluate the effect of different packaging and storage tempreature on dry ice cream. Dry ice cream was prepared by adding milk, sugar, glucose syrup and shortening, then packed in three different materials (aluminum foil /cardboard, greaseproof paper/cardboard and cardboard) and kept in three different temperatures (-18, +8 and +28°C) for 60 days.. The results showed that aluminum foil/cardboard pack was the most suitable pack regarding to moisture, pH, acidity, free fatty acid content, peroxide value, firmness and sensory features but it was unsuitable pack considering the features of total count and mold and yeast count. In addition, the results showed that the -18 °C temperature was the most suitable storing temperature regarding to the maintaining of quality and shelf life of dry ice cream.


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