Effects of Centrifuge Pretreatment on Membrane Ultrafiltration of Coal-Derived Humic Alkaline Extracts

Document Type : Research Paper


university of Tehran


In order to increasing of membrane separation efficiency, humin insoluble miroparticles were separated from soluble humate/fulvate alkaline solutions by using of a centrifuge apparatus. So, effects of centrifuge pretreatment was evaluated on separation efficiency such as permeate flux of fulvate and membrane fouling such as types of fouling resistances (RT and Rf), percentage of membrane fouling (fouling%), predominant mechanisms of fouling and blocking index (i). The results showed that, centrifuge pretreatment by separation of humin insoluble microparticles and decreasing of particle size means of feed at about of 34%, has been couses of increasing of permeate flux of fulvate at about of 65.14%. Also, membrane fouling decreased at about 11%. In addition, by centrifugation of humic alkaline extracts, intermediate blocking mechanism is established in process insteed of cake layer formation mechanism. Finally, in order to precision investigation of fouling phenomena, used from a scaning electron microscop (SEM), which results obtained from SEM micrographs, proofed the theoretical results derived from resistances and membrane fouling.


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