Validating Wismer-Luth model in relation to wheel rolling resistance prediction with considering forward velocity and wheel pass number parameters

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urmia university


In this research, Wismer-luth model function was studied to estimate the rolling resistance of a wheel considering forward velocity and wheel number of passes parameters. Experimental tests were performed using a single wheel tester in controlled environment of a soil bin. Forward velocity and weight were considered at three levels and with wheel pass repeating in each path, it was also applied. Results suggest that Wismer model had a proper accuracy at prognosticating rolling resistance at all levels of weight and forward velocity, but with pass numbers up to 5, traffic parameter had more predicting accuracy compared with higher ones. A regression model was applied based on experimental data to predict the wheels rolling resistance with considering the effect of forward velocity and traffic. As a result Wismer model had a strong ability predicting the wheel rolling resistance while it did not encompass forward velocity and pass number.


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