Mechanical behavior of tomatoes in the process of road transport

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Dept of Biosystem Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Bu-Ali Sina University

2 Bu-Ali Sina University- Dept of Biosystem Engineering


Damage during transportation is imported fruits, one of the main reasons for their injuries which can be one of the forms of impact, tangential forces and the weight (dead load) happens, vibration applied to fruit in transit can be one of the casualties or combination of them bring fruit, in this study, two kinds of asphalt road , two vehicle types with different suspension systems , three levels of box height of the vehicle , two situation of the box on the vehicle and two location of fruit in a box on changes in modulus of elasticity and stiffness were evaluated during, the injury was considered based on the percentage difference between them. according to the results obtained from the analysis of the main parameters and interaction factors Fruits that were transported with air suspension reduced rate (modulus of elasticity) is less than the fruits that transport had been received with spring suspension, and the amount of paved roads and highways in the spring air suspension respectively 34/44 and 41/66 asphalt road lies second in the amount of respectively 48 and 57/577 percent (compared to control) was.


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