Effect of tillage methods, different amount of super absorbent and residue on canola seedling emergence and yield under dryland condition

Document Type : Research Paper


Khuzestan Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University (KhAU)


In order to study the effects of tillage, crop residue, and super absorbent on canola seedling emergence and yield, an experiment was conducted in Izeh region, east of Khuzestan in 2014. A strip spilt plot design was applied in form of randomized complete block using 3 replications.. The main treatments consisted of three tillage methods: conventional tillage (moldboard plow and disk) reduced tillage (combination tillage and disk) and no tillage(direct seeding). Secondary treatments were different amounts of super absorbent (0, 30, 60, and 90 kg/ha), and the third treatment was 2 levels of wheat residue (60% and 0%). Reduced tillage method with 66.25% showed the maximum seedling emergence compared to no-till treatment (7.59%). The maximum seedling emergence (68.94%) was achieved from 90 kg/ha super absorbent. Reduce tillage method with 1674 kg/ha and no-tillage with 1134 kg/ha showed the maximum and the minimum yield respectively. Finaly, the results were shown that superabsorbent and crop residues were affected in increased soil moisture content and grain yield


Main Subjects

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