Selecting the Proper Sprayer in Citrus Gardens of Mazandaran Province by Analytical Hierarchy Process

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Agricultural Machinery, Sari Callege of Agricultural, Technical and Vocational University, Mazandaran Province, Iran

2 Department of Biosystems Engineering, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University (SANRU), Sari, Mazandaran

3 Faculty Member in Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran.

4 M.Sc. Student, Department of Biosystems Engineering, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University (SANRU), Sari, Mazandaran, Iran


Nowadays, with progress in different sciences and entering logging software and Decision Support Systems, decision has been deviated from trial and error in agriculture mechanization and aimed to predict prospective and targeted accordingly. Therefore, in this research, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) with the help of EXPERT CHOICE11 software was employed to select the best kind of sprayer for usage in citrus gardens of Mazandaran. Four different sprayers including Motorized Backpack sprayer, Atomizer sprayer, Wheelbarrow sprayer and Air blast sprayer were evaluated in this study. The criteria of selection consisted of the tank capacity, costs, spray quality, field capacity and amount of consumable solution per hectare. The importance of spray quality, amount of consumable solution per hectare, costs, tank capacity and finally field capacity were equal to 0.481, 0.302, 0.102, 0.073 and 0.042, respectively. The atomizer sprayer is selected and introduced with 0.504 final value as the most appropriate choice option. Inconsistency ratio was calculated equal to 0.04 that is acceptable amount in satays' opinion.


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