Volume & Issue: Volume 49, Issue 4, March 2019 

Research Paper

Effect of Pre Drying on Some Quality Characteristics of Bamiye Confectionery

Pages 525-532


Khatere Danandeh; Sodief Azadmard Damirchi; Seyed Hadi Peighambardoost; Naser Hamdami

Life Cycle Assessment of the Sugar Industry: A Case Study of Amir Kabir Sugar Cane Industry

Pages 597-608


Fatemeh Marashi; Nematoallah Jafarzadeh Haghighi fard; Nematoallah Khorasani; Seyed Masood Monavari

Design, Manufacture, and Optimization of a Micro-Gasifier Biomass Cook Stove

Pages 679-689


Mohammadreza Rasoulkhani; Mohammadali Ebrahimi-Nik; Mohammade Hossein Abbaspour-Fard; Abbas Rohani