Volume & Issue: Volume 51, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 1-170 
Thermodynamic Analysis of Flat Plate Solar Collector Simulator and Optimization of Process Variables

Pages 51-61


Mohammad Ahmand; Faroogh Sharifian; Ali Mohammad Nikbakht; Vahid Rostampour; Edris Rahmati

Designing a Hardware System to separate Defective Pistachios From Healthy Ones Using Deep Neural Networks

Pages 149-159


Ali Dini; hossein ghayoumi zadeh; Aliakbar Rahimifard; ali fayazi; MohammadAli Eftekhari; Mehdi Abbaszadeh

Investigation on the Separation of Wheat Bulk Impurities with Gravity Separator Table

Pages 161-170


Saeed AgaAzizi; Mansour Rasekh; Yousef Abbaspour Gilandeh; Mohamadhosein Kianmehr